Teens @ The Eight

Our goal for the Middle and High School Programs at StMarkATL is to work with parents to effectively inspire and equip middle and high school aged teens to develop a faith of their own according to the ancient faith of the Orthodox church. Before your child heads off to college they need to:

1.      Know that God is REAL and RELEVANT to their personal lives.
2.      Make a commitment to continually pursue an intimate relationship with God.
3.      Passionately serve in a local Orthodox Church.


Our teen program is designed for teens in 6th - 8th grade. We know that this is an important stage in your teen’s life and we want to help you build them up to be a devout Orthodox Christian that has an authentic relationship with Jesus, their peers, and mentors.


High School

We are currently developing a StMarkATL High School program that will appeal to these young adults in our church. In the meantime, we encourage our High School students to enjoy ‘The Eight’ right after liturgy. If you are in High School and would like to volunteer in any of our other children’s programs please fill out THIS application and someone will be in touch with you.

We are planning to start a High School program in 2019! If you are as excited for this program as we are, pre-register your high schooler HERE!