Why Groups?

"They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers" – Acts 1:14

Life Groups is the Christian Life of Community manifested. Think of the Eight and Sunday Sermon as the Textbook and Life Groups as the Lab, Knowledge versus Life Application. If we, as a church, concern ourselves with knowledge only and not who we need to connect with, we as individual or as a group will not grow/change. Many times, we concern ourselves with information download and we don't take community and relationship-based discipleship seriously.  

We are all social beings driven by the pressure to conform. The Bible tells us that evil company corrupts good habits; the Bible warns us against fellowship with an ungodly community. We should therefore, surround ourselves with the right godly community promotes spiritual growth.

Are Groups for everyone?

We exist to bring the fullness of Christ to everyone: inside and outside the faith by ministering to people inside and outside the church. We are invited to grow to become, in every aspect, the mature body of Christ.  When we minister and preach the gospel to one another in a close-knit community, there is spiritual growth that changes all of us, individually and as a whole church. That change is what will position us for an outward focus (outside of ourselves) and encourage gospel transformation in the communities inside and outside the church.

What should I expect in Life Group? 

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" – Acts 2: 42

Life Groups, in a small classroom, around a dining table or in a loving room around a fireplace – is where theology taught on pulpits begins to be fleshed out in conversations and actions. It forces up to think more analytically and practically. It challenges us to live theology, equips us to wrestle with it and allows it to change us.

How should I select which Life Group to attend?

For now, all life groups will be discussing the same topics in different locations. Make your selection based on where you are most likely to attend. If driving is your biggest concern and deterrent from going out on weekday evenings, then select the life group closest to your house/work. Commit yourself to where you know you will attend every week.  

What if I attend a Life Group and later I wish to change it?

Life Groups topics/series are 4 to 6 weeks long. Once a round ends, you can attend any Life Group of your choice. However, it is preferred that you eventually select a Life Group where you get plugged in long term to allow for spiritual growth to occur, develop accountability partners and be comfortable sharing life challenges.